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Why We are Different

Battery technology today remains similar to the battery technology of the 1990s when the modern lithium battery was introduced. Sion Power's new Licerion® technology offers double the energy density of leading Li-Ion solutions. Advances in Lithium metal protection provide a platform for enhanced safety.

Sion Power's Licerion battery offers significant improvements in performance over current rechargeable batteries. The use of low-cost raw materials and accepted battery manufacturing techniques enable this new technology to have a very competitive cost position.

Sion Power is dedicated to commercializing the high-energy Licerion battery. Our focus is primarily on the electrified mobility segments including electric vehicles, unmanned aerial vehicles and similar segments where smaller and lighter batteries represent a leap in end product practicality and mass appeal.



Smaller and lightweight
Enabling energy density and life combination
Power at extreme temperatures


Very strong IP portfolio
Anode production in-house
"Licerion® inside" approach
Multiple chemistries


Joint R&D with BASF and Airbus
Leverage BASF material production and reach
Licensing for broad markets
Manufacturing for high-value niche markets
Strategic partnership opportunity


Utilize existing manufacturing capacity
Applicable to numerous market applications
Partnership-based go-to-market strategy


The core of Sion Power's innovation team are leaders in the rechargeable battery industry. This makes manufacturability, safety and reliability cornerstones of product design. Combined with strong executive management and financial resources, Sion Power is the leader in the development of a new generation of high-energy rechargeable lithium batteries.