Unmanned Systems

The Tactical Advantages:
Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs)

Sion Power‚s new high energy rechargeable Li-S batteries are a major improvement in battery technology for UAVs. Battery weight is reduced by up to 60%. This enables:

  • Longer missions
  • Increased payloads
  • Reduced stress on the soldiers carrying the man portable units

The example below illustrates the impact of 350 WH/Kg Li-S batteries:

Taking advantage of Sion Power's enabling Li-S technology, Continental Controls flew a UAV for 6 hr. 48 min. on a 4S12P Li-S battery pack on a single charge!

Sion Power has the capability to design and build a custom, high energy Li-S rechargeable battery pack for almost any UAV.

Unmanned Ground Vehicles (UGVs)

Lightweight, man portable robots rely on high -energy batteries to accomplish their mission. Many current designs use NiCad battery packs that weigh up to 6 pounds. A high-energy Li-S battery system would weigh less than 1 pound! Even versus Li Ion the weight savings would be over 50%.

Li-S batteries provide options to the designer of UGV‚s. The lighter weight Li-S batteries allow for:

  • Improved run times
  • Increased mission capabilities
  • Reduced weight for the user

Sion Power's high-energy, lightweight, rechargeable Li-S batteries offer significant benefits in the design and operation of current and future UGV's.

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