Military Portable Power

The benefits of Sion Power's Li-S technology offer numerous advantages to the military for portable power applications over current battery systems.

  • The high specific energy (>350 WH/Kg) enable lightweight, high capacity battery systems.
  • Where high power is needed the Li-S system can generate over 1000 W/kg.
  • The cells are a prismatic shape which allows for maximum packing of the cells to optimize volumetric energy density. The prismatic form factor also permits the design of conformal batteries when needed.
  • As a rechargeable battery, it reduces the logistics costs of continually providing replacements for spent primary systems.

Typical military portable power applications for Li-S batteries include:

  • Communications
  • Remote sensors
  • Night vision
  • Thermal imaging
  • Sonobouys

Sion Power's Li-S batteries offer the military a safe, lightweight, high capacity system that is cost effective.

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