Commercialization Preparations Continue

Sion Power®, the technology leader in high-energy, lithium metal rechargeable batteries, continues its commercialization preparation for the production of Licerion® batteries and battery packs. Key to the preparation is a robust hiring program and finalization of equipment procurement. The large format lithium metal-based battery will offer an unparalleled 500 Wh/kg, 1,000 Wh/L, and 450 cycles.

“Sion Power is supplementing our outstanding core team with talented scientists and engineers from a variety of fields to support our efforts towards production readiness,” says Tracy Kelley, Chief Executive Officer of Sion Power. Kelley goes on to say that, “When this step toward commercialization is complete, we will be well equipped and ready to produce a rechargeable battery unlike any on the market today. Sion Power is poised to dominate the next generation battery space.”

The pilot equipment for the large format Licerion battery is currently being optimized for production at Sion Power’s Tucson facility. When complete, batteries and battery packs will be available for a variety of applications.

A complete list of current career opportunities is on the company’s website at

About Sion Power
Sion Power Corporation is a privately held company and the leader in next-generation battery technology based on its patented high-energy rechargeable Licerion technology for applications including unmanned vehicle systems (UVS), military, portable-power, and electric vehicle (EV). Sion Power’s experienced team of scientists and engineers are dedicated to advancing high-energy Licerion battery technology. Headquartered in Tucson, Arizona, the company has more than 172 issued patents, domestic and international, and 152 pending. Further information about Sion Power and its Licerion technology is available at