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Sion Power technology has enabled a new breed of high altitude aircraft and was key in the breaking of the world record for unrefueled flight.

Licerion® technology and Airbus Defence and Space successfully flew High Altitude Pseudo-Satellite vehicles, setting world records for endurance and altitude. The planes flew for two weeks at an altitude on average of 70,000 ft. without landing or refueling. By day it flies on solar power and recharges batteries. By night it is powered by Sion Power's Licerion battery.

Sion Power and Airbus recently announced a new three-year, multi-million dollar program to further advance Airbus' HAPS program. Airbus Defence and Space now developing next generation of Zephyr. Thomas Keupp, Vice President and Head of Portfolio Management at Airbus stated, "Our collaboration with Sion Power will enhance Airbus Unmanned Aerial Pseudo-Satellite vehicles important to our extensive portfolio of aircraft products. Combining Airbus and Sion Power engineering expertise has proven to be a successful platform for our on-going success."

The Tactical Advantages:

Sion Power's new high energy rechargeable Licerion® battery is a major improvement in battery technology for UAVs. Battery weight is reduced by up to 60%. This enables:

  • Longer missions
  • Increased payloads
  • Reduced stress on the soldiers carrying the man-portable units

Sion Power has the capability to design and build a custom, high energy Licerion rechargeable battery pack for almost any UAV.

Projections and Strengths for Unmanned Aerial Vehicles Market

Market Opportunity
  • Batteries remain key enabling technology
  • Vehicle range, packaging, volume, mass vs cost
  • Numerous new entrants (tech companies)
  • Highest energy density (per Liter and per Kg)
  • Enabling anode protection
  • Strongest IP portfolio
  • Flexible go-to-market partnerships
Key Market Drivers
  • New and enabling battery technologies
  • Cost-reductions
  • Automotive regulations, urbanization, and globalization
  • New tech (autonomous, connected, worldwide internet)
  • New drone uses (military and commercial)
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