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Sion Power is developing the world's highest energy density battery solutions to transform transportation and portable power markets.

Key to Sion Power's Licerion® battery technology is the development of its Protected Lithium Anode (PLA). The PLA is a key functional component material enabling Licerion batteries to function at levels unachievable via other battery technologies. Sion Power's strategy of maintaining in-house production of PLA allows protection of core IP. PLA will be sold or licensed to producers or partners incorporating Licerion batteries for automotive and other applications.

Licerion batteries are not expected to utilize any extraordinary manufacturing means other than key processes for producing PLA. Licensees and partners will be able to utilize the majority of previously purchased Li-Ion production lines to produce Licerion batteries, thus resulting in increased utilization of capital and reduced manufacturing costs while providing the licensee/partner with Sion's cutting-edge battery technology.

Sion Power is the premier developer of lithium metal-based batteries and components.

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