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Sion Power's Licerion® battery has the potential to be an enabling technology for both Plug-In Hybrid and Pure Electric Vehicles. With over 350 Wh/Kg today, this exceeds most manufacturers' expectations for specific energy for a vehicle battery.

Not only does the Licerion battery improve the driving range of the vehicle, it improves the overall payload capability. With a compromise between the battery volume and battery weight, a Sion Power Licerion vehicle battery pack can achieve one of the primary goals set forth by automakers - a 300-mile driving range. It is easy to see why Sion Power's Licerion battery is the future power source for electric vehicles.

Projections and Strengths for Automotive Battery Market

Market Opportunity
  • Batteries remain key enabling technology
  • Vehicle range, packaging, volume, mass vs cost
  • Numerous new entrants (tech companies)
  • Highest energy density (per Liter and per Kg)
  • Enabling anode protection
  • Strongest IP portfolio
  • Flexible go-to-market partnerships
Key Market Drivers
  • New and enabling battery technologies
  • Cost-reductions
  • Automotive regulations, urbanization, and globalization
  • New tech (autonomous, connected, worldwide internet)
  • New drone uses (military and commercial)