Sion Power is the global leader in the development of a new generation of high-energy, rechargeable lithium batteries for portable power, mobile electronics, and electric vehicles. Based on the five times higher energy available from sulfur ions compared to other lithium chemistries, Sion Power's lithium sulfur cell offers significant improvements in performance over current rechargeable batteries. The use of low cost raw materials and accepted battery manufacturing techniques enable this new technology to have a very, competitive cost position.

The core of Sion Power's innovation team are leaders in the rechargeable battery industry. This makes manufacturability, safety and reliability cornerstones of product design. Combined with strong executive management and financial resources, Sion Power is the leader in powering the electronic future.


Sion Power ia a technology spin-off from Brookhaven National Laboratories, was incorporated as Moltech Corporation in 1994. The Company chose the mission of developing a new class of electrochemical energy storage systems with characteristics far superior to those of any other commercial battery products. Once the capabilities of sulfur chemistry were demonstrated, a seasoned team of battery scientists was recruited. Reflecting the power obtained from sulfur ions, the name of the company was changed to Sion Power in 2002. Sion Power is dedicated to commercializing high energy, lithium sulfur, rechargeable batteries.

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